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Sky TV add on products & services


Sky Go

Can't or don't want to install a satellite dish? Then Sky go is for you.

  • No satellite dish required

  • No Sky box required

  • Watch from anywhere

  • Sky sports

  • Sky Cinema

  • Catch up TV

  • Sky Box sets

Sky Go provides you with multiple device platforms such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to watch and enjoy Sky TV content. This service is available via WiFi or broadband connection. We can also provide the VPN connection required to obtain the service.

CHF 35 per month


Our Geo-blocker connects directly to your sky box.  The result? High security and access to sites around the world.

  • Unlock the power of your sky box

  • Catch up TV

  • On demand

  • Sky box sets

  • Over a 1000 free movies.

  • Unlock your location

  • Geo free Netflixs & Apple TV

  • And a host of other

  • One off equipment purchase £150

  • Monthly subscription

CHF 25 per month


Can’t get a satellite signal from your location or perhaps you’re not allowed to put up a Satellite dish, we have the solution. Why not use our slingbox hosting service. We host your Sky & sling box from our offices, the Slingbox connects via  the internet to your home network. You can watch and control your Sky box as if it was in your own home. The other great advantage is that you can watch your sky TV from anywhere in the world via the internet.Contact us now for more information!

Call for further info

Installation, Setup & Support Service

Just one call and we'll have you watching Sky in no time at all.

  • Sky box and sky card preset from factory

  • Full setup of sky box, satellite dish and cabling

  • View sky in additional rooms throughout your home

  • Damage free installation, NO holes drilled or damage done to your property !

  • 7 day support service 8:30 am to 9 pm

  • Up or down grade your sky package at any time

  • Call 079 215 68 94 for an estimate

SKY Satellite DIY Kit     Time on your hands? Save on insatllation costs.  Try our DIY install kit

Perhaps you would like to save money by installing your satellite system on your own. Well why not purchase our DIY Satellite

Kit. We provided everything you need, including a comprehensive step by step installation guide with helpful photos to help you every step of the way.

What's included

  • Comprehensive step by step installation guide with helpful photos

  • Sky+HD receiver

  • *Activated sky viewing card

  • 80 cm Satellite dish with Twin LNB

  • Satellite dish mounting stand

  • Two flat door/window ribbon connectors

  • Pre cut cables to size with attached connectors (40m)

  • Online help and advice

Installed everything but can't get the signal? We'll do that for you for CHF 100 call out fee

* Annual GBP 150 Sky card management fee not included

* Sky viewing card subscription not included

All for only CHF 699
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